Holcim launches Phoenix, 3D-printed bridge

Holcim launches Phoenix, 3D-printed bridge
19 December 2023

Holcim has launched Phoenix, the first-of-its-kind 3D-printed concrete masonry bridge built using 10t of recycled materials, at its Innovation Hub in Europe. Using its proprietary ECOCycle® circular technology, Holcim developed a custom concrete ink for Phoenix with recycled materials inside. Phoenix demonstrates how circular construction combined with 3D concrete printing can enable low-carbon infrastructure applications. 

Circular construction, using computational design and 3D printing, allows for a reduction of up to 50 per cent of the materials used with no compromise in performance. Circular by design, Phoenix stands solely through compression without reinforcement, with blocks that can be easily disassembled and recycled, explains the company. Holcim and its partners are now exploring how Phoenix could be scaled up to provide more generalised sustainable infrastructure solutions. 

Edelio Bermejo, head of global R&D, Holcim, “I am thrilled to unveil Phoenix, a monument to sustainability and the result of a fruitful collaboration with our partners to meet a common goal: demonstrating that essential infrastructure can be designed and built in a way that is circular and low carbon today. This project showcases the impact that innovation can have in Holcim’s mission to decarbonise building for a net-zero future.” 

Philippe Block, co-director, block research group at ETH Zurich, adds, “Concrete is an artificial stone, and like stone, it does not want to be a straight beam, it wants to be a masonry arch. Following these historical principles allows us to keep materials separated for easy recycling and to dry-assemble the structure for easy deconstruction and reuse. 3D concrete printing allows us to use material only and exactly where needed. The result is a sustainable and truly circular approach to concrete construction.”

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