Maha Cement launches two new products

Maha Cement launches two new products
04 January 2024

Maha Cement, part of My Home Industries Private Ltd (MHIPL), has launched two new cements in Bangalore, India - MAHA HD+ (OPC 53) and MAHA HD+ (PPC). 

According to the company, MAHA HD+ (OPC 53) is a revolutionary, early-setting cement with high strength, which complies with IS 269-2015. It is produced by blending high-quality clinker, tri-calcium silicates and gypsum, offering the highest fineness and consistency. Maha Cement says it is suitable for creating high-strength concrete structures such as skyscrapers, bridges, flyovers, dams and other major infrastructure projects. Its uniformity and reliable strength are particularly useful in the ready-mix and infrastructure sectors. 

MAHA HD+ (PPC) offers unparalleled durability and design ability, according to the ompany, and is especially effective in demanding construction environments including residential buildings, precast construction, and large-scale infrastructure projects, such as water and wastewater treatment facilities, marine applications, etc. 

MHIPL is one of the largest cement producers in southern India with 12.5Mta of cement production capacity. 

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