Titan endorses Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal

Titan endorses Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal
11 March 2024

Titan has endorsed the Antwerp Declaration calling for an EU Industrial Deal that will complement the EU Green Deal, and will ensure the sustainable growth and competitiveness of the European economy.

The declaration, an outcome of a European industry summit that was held in Antwerp, Belgium, on 20 February 2024, has been signed by more than 630 businesses in 20 sectors. It emphasises the industry's commitment to Europe's transformation and outlines the urgent need to enhance the continent’s competitiveness, resilience and sustainability, through a collective approach among industry, governments and citizens.

Among its key 10 points, the declaration emphasises the necessity of a comprehensive action plan to elevate competitiveness as a strategic priority and foster conditions for a stronger business case in Europe. It also highlights the importance of ensuring a level playing field for EU industries by scrutinising all policy instruments against unfair competition, including measures to prevent carbon leakage, both domestically and internationally.

Additionally, the declaration underscores the significance of prioritising infrastructure development, including the integration and establishment of top-tier EU energy, digital, carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS), and materials recycling infrastructures.

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