Holcim US scoops slag cement award

Holcim US scoops slag cement award
02 May 2024

Holcim US has been recognised by the Slag Cement Association (SCA) as a winner in the 2023 Slag Cement in Sustainable Concrete Awards. The company was honoured in the Innovation Applications category at an awards ceremony held in conjunction with the Spring American Concrete Institute Convention in New Orleans.

Holcim US secured the win by showcasing its project at the Duck Lake Country Club, Albion, Michigan. The project revived the club’s distressed, asphalt parking lot by topping it with a concrete overlay. By replacing 25 per cent of the Portland limestone cement with slag, the mix reduced the embodied carbon of the white-topped parking lot project. 

“What makes this project particularly innovative is the way we used slag cement to mitigate potential concerns with material degradation while increasing long-term strength and durability,” said Patrick Cleary, senior vice president, sales at Holcim US. “This award exemplifies what we do best in providing our customers with sustainable, long-lasting and economical solutions.”

Since 2010, the awards have recognised the exceptional use of slag cement in sustainable concrete construction. Holcim US has previously won the Sustainable Concrete Awards in such categories as Architectural, Lower Carbon Concrete, Durability, High Performance and Infrastructure. 

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