Nuh Cement and ABB complete retrofit of diesel haul truck to EV

Nuh Cement and ABB complete retrofit of diesel haul truck to EV
22 May 2024

ABB has completed the retrofit conversion of a Nuh Cement-owned diesel-fuelled Euclid R85B haul truck into a fully electric, zero-emission vehicle. The two companies worked together closely to design and build this retrofit project, which is the first time in the world that a vehicle of this size and class type has been fully electrified.

In addition to overall system engineering, ABB’s contribution to the project included a BORDLINE® CC200, traction battery, an air-cooled traction motor, vehicle control electronics, a battery thermal management system and a DC Fast charger.

The mine, which is located in Kocaeli-Körfez, east of the Marmara region surrounding Istanbul, has a downhill gradient of between 18-20 per cent that the fully-loaded trucks navigate. Regenerative braking enables the truck to recharge its battery as it descends, and once unloaded, ascend to the top of the mine using only previously-regenerated electric power.

The project delivers significant benefits by revitalising a machine that was approaching the end of its operational lifespan. This approach further supports Nuh Cement’s sustainability goals by extending the lifespan of its haul truck, which had reached the end of its 30-year operational cycle, allowing it to operate for many more years. Rather than scrap and replace the original mining vehicle, which would involve disposing of several tonnes of material and purchasing a new vehicle at the cost of several million dollars, the project enabled greater returns on the initial investment made by Nuh Cement some 30 years’ ago. 

In addition to the economic efficiencies, the retrofitting of this one truck will save approximately 100,000l of diesel fuel and prevent 245t of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to 58 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year. The use of ABB’s electric drivetrain solutions in place of a diesel combustion engine offers significantly lower operating costs via a reduction of both fuel consumption and maintenance requirements, claims ABB. In addition, the truck operates with higher performance, thereby increasing the vehicle productivity. On-site workers also benefit from the switch to electric propulsion through reduced noise, less vibration and a cleaner work environment.

Group CEO of Nuh Cement, Gökhan Bozkurt, said, “This retrofitting conversion is one of the first in the world and we’re delighted with the result. It leads the way towards a more sustainable future for the mining and cement industries and will significantly reduce our costs and impact on the environment.”

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