alcemy and Spenner launch 'CEM X'

alcemy and Spenner launch 'CEM X'
24 June 2024

Alcemy, a Berlin-based AI start-up focussed on decarbonising cement and concrete production, has announced that German cement manufacturer Spenner GmbH has produced commercially viable 'CEM X' using alcemy’s quality control software. Alcemy and Spenner’s ‘CEM X’ offering is a durable, low-carbon and cost-competitive cement alternative that boasts a 65 per cent reduction in carbon emissions.

‘CEM X’ is a term for laboratory-developed, low-clinker cement. Leveraging alcemy’s AI platform, which collects and analyses data related to chemistry, mineralogy and particle size distribution and makes real-time quality predictions, Spenner was able to lower the clinker content in its end product to under 30 per cent, compared to around 80 per cent for standard cement products.

“With ‘CEM X’ we have reached a significant milestone on our journey to decarbonising the cement industry,” said alcemy co-founder and CEO, Leopold Spenner. “Our goal is to equip the construction industry with sustainable cement and concrete alternatives without compromising on quality or cost, and our game-changing development with Spenner is proof that it is possible.”

Spenner’s ‘CEM X' composition incorporates a strategic blend of low-CO2 substitutes, including 33 per cent granulated blastfurnace slag and 37 per cent limestone filler. These substitutions, in addition to alcemy’s technology, are critical to producing industry-leading ‘CEM X’ and reducing cement-related emissions.

“Alcemy’s technology is a boon for cement decarbonisation,” said Georg Weber, head of sales and authorised signatory at Spenner. “Producing ‘CEM X’ in a commercial environment has long been considered an industry moonshot, but alcemy’s quality control software makes it a viable reality. We’re excited to scale our work together.”

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