Carbon8's CO2 capture technology is validated by DNV

Carbon8's CO2 capture technology is validated by DNV
10 July 2024

DNV has validated the methodology developed and used by Carbon8 to reduce carbon emissions. Carbon8’s patented technology permanently captures CO2 at source from hard-to-abate industries and DNV has verified that Carbon8’s methodology satisfies the ISO 14064 part 2 standard. 

Eager to demonstrate authenticity, quality and traceability, Carbon8 selected DNV to validate and authenticate its methodology. The ISO 14064 part 2 requirements specifically relate to quantifying, monitoring and reporting activities, techniques and processes that can reduce carbon/greenhouse gas emissions.

DNV validated that the methodology designed and used by Carbon8:
 provides accurate reporting, eliminating the risk of double counting or inclusion of unsupported removals
• measures emissions reduction/removal accurately, accounting for equipment manufacture, operation, and disposal emissions
• establishes stringent, transparent, and repeatable monitoring procedures.

Regarding the technology, Jamie Burrows, head of CCUS, energy systems at DNV, commented: “Some utilisation techniques such as that developed by Carbon8 can capture and store CO2 with a high level of permanence. Such techniques will become increasingly important in the coming years and can be particularly beneficial in locations where CCS might not be an option due to a lack of supportive policy or infrastructure. In addition to producing materials that can be used in established value chains, coupled with biogenic sources of CO2, such techniques can generate Carbon Dioxide Removals with a high level of permanence.” 

Maarten van Roon, Carbon8’s chief commercial officer, said: Our main ambition for this methodology is to provide confidence in our technology to customers across industries. The telemetry in our operations provides a dataset that delivers transparency around quantity and provenance, underpinned by the recognition of a highly respected validation partner in DNV.” 

Carbon8 has a container CO2 capture plant at Vicat’s Montalieu plant in France and is working with the South Wales Industrial Cluster in the UK.

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