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Re: Nanotechnology

Dear Mr.Davit Babayan, Could you please tell us how much experiments you have completed regarding production of nan...

Setting Time

I would like to know that, which form of clinker aluminate phase i.e. Orthorohmbic and Cubic is more reactive? What...

Gypsum Dehydration

What are the effects of gypsum dehydration on setting time and physical strength development characteristics of cemen...

Re: Preheater Fan Coating Problem

Best practical way to reduce preheater fan vibration is to reduce temperature of  fan inlet gas temperature to around...

Re: Clinker Mineralization-Optimum

Best performance clinker should have free lime content in the range of 0.8-1.2%.

Re: Sulphates of alkali

Dear Mr.Gulam Dastgir, Theoretically you are correct.The melting point of K2SO4 compound is 1069 deg.cent. and Na2S...

Re: Sulphates of alkali

Dear Mr.Gulam Dastgir, A part of alkalis in excess of chloride combined with sulphur to form Na2SO4,K2SO4 and d...

Re: Liquid Phase

Respected Sir, Thanks for your valuable response. With kind regards, R.M.Sahu

Liquid Phase

What is the formula for calculation of percent liquid when MgO present is greater than 2%?

Re: oxy-firing combustion

Dear Mr.R.P.Soni, Oxygen enrichment has been used on more than 20 cement kilns in USA and some Russian plants but n...