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Check the dedusting system of the bin and its extraction system.

Re: Fan law

Dear lalbatros,                          PG Test means Performance Guarantee Test.Whenever a new plant is insta...

Re: Kiln Floating

Dear Bhandari,         Because of the kiln slope, the kiln during running has the tendency to slide towards kiln ho...

Re: SO3 balance

Thats Great.

Re: revised duda or equivalent

There is one very good book title" Handook for deigning cement plants" by S.P.Deolalkar.And publisher is BS Publicati...

Re: Electronic Ear position In Cement Mill

Thank you Sir.

Electronic Ear position In Cement Mill

What is the ideal position like 2,3 or 4 Oclock for installing the electronic ear at the 1st compartment of the cemen...

Re: New to this forum

You are welcome.

Re: Kiln Hood Draft

Generally the kiln hood draft is controlled in auto by increasing or decreasing the cooler vent fan speed.As you have...

Re: Direction of rotation

Thanks for your reply.