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re Burning zone temperature

Thanks Sir.

Burning zone temperature

Dear Friends,                      Our burning zone temperature graph is wavy in nature. in an hour the tempera...

re Brown Clinker

Kindly adjust the air flow through TAD to eliminate the reducing conditions in burning zone or keep kiln inlet & r...

Kiln Inlet Rings

Is there any method to dislodge rings towards kiln inlet during kiln in operation?


It can be undergrate pressure for cooler, Kiln hood draft and calciner outlet temperature.

effecr of humidity on calcine material

Dear Experts,                    In our plant we are using water gun for cleaning kiln riser duct and ILC throa...

GCT Wet bottom problem

Dear Experts,                  Our kiln is polysius dopol PH with GCT after PH fan. We are facing wet bottom pr...

re Material Spillage from Kiln Inlet

Thanks Mr Wahid. Yes you are right. In our case it was the wrongly casted inlet segmant.

re Material Spillage from Kiln Inlet

Thanks Mr ILA,                      We found inlet throat casted area size differed from the designed height be...

Material Spillage from Kiln Inlet

Dear Experts,                   What can be the reasons of material spillage from kiln inlet seal? Our kiln man...