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Air Velocities through the mills

Dear Experts,     What are the preffered velocities in the mono chamber mills for Raw materials,coal and clinke...

How to calculate C3S?

Dear Sir; I would like to know the formula to calculate C3S when using the Pet coke as fuel. regards

Coating in the calcinert

Dear Friends, Ours is a recently started 5000TPD kiln with in line calciner. We are facing one problem of coati...

Specific air vol

For a 6 stage preheater with ILC system, What is the specific air volume at the preheater fan inlet is considered?

selection criteria

Is it always the case that when use VRM for raw grinding, cyclones are provided to separate the material before th...

Effect of weathering on Slag

Can someone has any information regarding the effect of weathering on slag properties specially on its grindabilit...

Bricks shapes

What are the VDZ and ISO shapes? where such brick shapes used in the pyro section?

re expansion of cement

The Le Chatelier procedure determines unsoundness from the hydration of free CaO only, whereas the autoclave proce...

re clinker cooler

Are these plates stationary or moveable? If movable then better to keep little higher air flows in that area and l...

re Burning zone temperature

Sir, It is radiation pyrometer.