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Direction of rotation

is there any criteria in deciding the direction of rotation of ball mill or vrm table and kiln?

Re: Rotate kiln without auxilliary

Yes, it is possible,but instead of loader usr winch machine with brakes

Process measuring points location in cycone exit duct

Dear Friends,                      Can someone guide about the requied location of the temp and draft sensors in th...

Re: Snowman On the kiln burner

It is an unavoidable occurance,the only practical way is to if you have side inspection door in the hood,regularily d...

Emissivity Setting

 Hello Friends,                         Can someone guide that,what should be the emissivity setting values for a h...

Location of the kiln tyres

Hello Friends,                 Does someone knows how the location of tyres of a kiln of any length is decided? is ...

Re: cyclone 2 blockage

If you have double string preheater and Bag filter on your preheater top,kindly check which side that mixed bag filte...

Static & Dynamic Pressure

We measure static and dynamic pressure in the preheater downcomer duct or elsewhere. Can I know for what they stand ...

Re: alumina content in refractories

Thanks Sir.

alumina content in refractories

In general what is the average alumina percentage in the refractories used in preheater,calciner,different zones in t...