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Mixed bag of results for Taiwanese producers in June

11 July 2023, Published under Cement News

Taiwanese cement producers have seen a mixed bag of results for June as well as the opening six months of the year. Universal Cement has reported revenue in June 2023 of TWD604.3m (US$19.26m), up from TWD573.03m in the same month a year earlier. Revenue for the first six months of 2023 came in at TWD3754.7m, compared to TWD3280.9m in the 1H22. Lucky Cement Co also saw its revenue expand in June, coming in at TWD443m, up from TWD334.1m in the same month a year earlier. Revenue for t...

Mixed January-March results for Taiwan’s cement producers

12 April 2023, Published under Cement News

Taiwan-based Asia Cement Corp saw its revenue slip by 0.1 per cent to TWD8152.982m (US$267.17m) in March 2023 from TWD8160.414m in March 2022. In the January-March 2023 period the company’s quarterly revenue was down 2.4 per cent to TWD19,208.712m from TWD19,681.816m in the January-March 2022 period. Meanwhile, Lucky Cement Co saw a 26.1 per cent increase in revenues to TWD436.03m in March 2023 from TWD345.612m in March 2022. In the January-March 2023 period, revenue increased 24 per ce...

Asia Cement forecasts 75% fall in profit

20 January 2023, Published under Cement News

Asia Cement (China) Holdings Corp has issued a profit warning stating that its unaudited profit attributable to equity holders for 2022 is expected to decline by approximately 75 per cent YoY. This is being blamed on a fall in sales volumes and selling prices of the company’s products, along with an increase in the cost of coal, compared to 2021. Full results for 2022 will be published at the end of March 2023. 

WBA claims few science-based biodiversity assessments are carried out

06 December 2022, Published under Cement News

The World Benchmarking Alliance’s (WBA) new Nature Benchmark has analysed around 400 companies on their operations impact on nature and biodiversity, including many from the construction and mining sector.   The top 10 construction material companies have been ranked 1-10 for their reduced impact on nature and biodiversity: 1. Holcim , 2. CEMEX , 3. Siam Cement Group , 4. Owens Corning, 5. CRH , 6. Cementos Argos , 7. Heidelberg Materials , 8. Saint-Gobain , 9. Asia Cement Corp ,...

South Korean cement output slashed as truckers strike

02 December 2022, Published under Cement News

This week the South Korean government stepped in with a presidential executive order to force striking cement truck drivers in the country to go back to work. Some 76 teams of government officials began conducting on-site investigations with police to order 2500 cement transport workers to return to work. The striking truckers are demanding a certain guaranteed level of wages and resorted to collective action to try and see their demands met.  About 7000 people rallied in 16 regions across...

Asian outlook on carbon capture, utilisation and storage

18 November 2022, Published under Cement News

This week Asia Cement announced that it would be employing TCRK's Arago Cement Process to utilise captured CO2, cement kiln dust and by-pass particles in the cement production process in South Korea from 2025. ICR reviews the opportunities for carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) for cement producers in the Asian region. The Asia Cement Co project will include a fully commercial-scale deployment of TCRK CCUS technology. Initially it will target 30,000tCO 2 e per year, rising to 1...

Asia Cement to start CCUS in 2025 with TCRK technology

15 November 2022, Published under Cement News

TCRK, a fast-growing IP-led CO2 capture and usage business, is collaborating with Asia Cement  to bring TCRK’s carbon capture technology to a major South Korean cement plant, and support Asia Cement in achieving its 2025 decarbonisation commitments. Starting in the 1Q23, this first commercial scale deployment of TCRK carbon capture and utilisation technology will initially target 30,000t CO2e per year, growing to 120,000t CO2e per year over the first 18 months. This second target will pr...

Asia Cement reports TWD4458m net profit in 2Q22

15 August 2022, Published under Cement News

Taiwan’s Asia Cement Corp posted revenues of TWD24,488m (US$816.3m) in the second quarter of 2022, up 9.2 per cent when compared with the 2Q21.  Pretax profit came in at TWD5620m in the period under review, down 17.4 per cent from TWD6805m in the year-ago period. The company also saw a net profit of TWD4458m in the 2Q22, representing a 1.3 per cent decrease when compared with the 2Q21, when net profit reached TWD4515m.

Asia Cement’s SWAP

08 June 2022, Published under Cement News

The trend for longer bags in baghouses requires cement plants to review their bag cleaning systems. Gas filtration specialist CTP Team recently installed its advanced SWAP technology at Asia Cement’s Pukrang plant in Thailand, which has improved the efficiency and reduced the cost of its bag cleaning system. By Roberto Binago, CTP Srl, Italy. Figure 1: SWAP technology compared with traditional bag cleaning technology In the cement sector, baghouses equipped with long bags are in...

Asia Cement reports 21% decline in 1Q net profit

13 May 2022, Published under Cement News

Taiwan-based Asia Cement Corp posted a revenue of TWD19.681bn (US$659.1m) in 1Q22, up 10.1 per cent from TWD17.877bn in the 1Q21. However, pretax profit declined 27.6 per cent to TWD3.434bn in the 1Q22 from TWD4.744bn in the corresponding period of the previous year. Net profit decreased 21.3 per cent to TWD2.533bn in the first three months of 2022 from TWD3.2bn in the 3M21.