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Holcim Philippines to construct waste heat facility

06 August 2012, Published under Cement News

Holcim Philippines will construct a waste-to-energy  facility to reduce the demand for coal as a cement plant fuel in Davao City. Roland Van Wijnen, chief operations officer of Holcim Philippines, said that the facility will include structures and buildings which are aimed at storing more rice husks, identified as a viable fuel alternative for the cement plant. The plant consumes about 600t of coal to power its cement plant, and only about five per cent are alternative fuel. “Coal eats up...

Energy price falls may increase 2H12 margins

04 May 2012, Published under Cement News

Industry analysts predict a recovery in cement margins in 2H12 as a consequence of falling international energy prices and the continued strength in cement prices, as highlighted in last week’s newsletter. The squeeze on cement markers' profit margins was widely felt during 2011, driven in the main by rapidly-rising energy costs that impacted on companies' bottom lines. Key energy prices rose by over 40% in a six-month period during 2011. This week's 1Q12 financial reports show how much i...