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Algeria Societe des Ciments de Ain Touta Wins 2004 Quality Award

22 December 2004, Published under Cement News

Algerian cement maker Societe des Ciments de Ain Touta has won Algeria’s 2004 national quality award, it was reported on December 21, 2004.   The jury’s special award was given to local state-owned company Entreprise Nationale des Appareils de Mesure et de Controle (AMC) and to the GL2Z complex, which is considered one of Algeria’s most important natural gas liquefaction complexes. 

Misr Cement Qena Gets ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certifications

22 December 2004, Published under Cement News

Egyptian cement producer Misr Cement Qena has received an ISO 9001 quality management certificate and an ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate. The company’s cement output reached 1.4Mt in the period January to November 2004, exceeding the planned level, the company said in a report. About one million tonnes of cement were sold on the local market, while 400,000t were exported for some $11m.  The output of Misr Cement Qena is expected to exceed the forecast for 2004 by about ...

Holcim Romania co-processes over 100 types of waste

22 December 2004, Published under Cement News

Holcim Romania has invested so far three million euros in upgrading the production lines from its cement factories based in Campulung and Alesd in order to make possible the co-processing of over 100 types of waste, Romania libera daily writes on Tuesday.   Among the waste that can be burned now in the furnaces of the cement factories are oil, plastic, paper-cardboard, textile, leather, rubber and wood waste and organic compounds derived by chemical industry.   The major advantages of co-pr...

Cement industry jobs

21 December 2004, Published under Cement News

Local cement workers fear the loss of more than 4000 jobs in the industry as lower tariffs on imported cement looms in 2005. The Philippine Cement Workers Council (PCWC) protested at the Tariff Commission last week to call for the reimposition of higher tariffs. PCWC Secretary General Samuel G. Eslava said "Our jobs will be threatened if the influx of imported cement in the economy will not be controlled by the government." Two larger labor unions, the party-list Akbayan and the Alliance of ...

Go-ahead for waste dump

21 December 2004, Published under Cement News

Plans to dump hazardous waste close to people’s homes have been approved by County Hall bosses.   The application allows Clitheroe’s Castle Cement to tip cement kiln dust, which contains deadly heavy metals, in Lanehead Quarry, 160m away from homes in Chatburn, Ribble Valley.   County councillors brushed aside planning rules, which would normally mean the tip needed to be further away, and the fact Chatburn is downwind from the quarry.   They also passed the application although soil samples...

Crackdown on concrete

21 December 2004, Published under Cement News

A campaign is underway in Auckland, New Zealand to combat what is seen as an alarming rise in pollution from concrete products.  The Auckland Regional Council’s campaign aims to prevent water pollution from concrete and thereby save the lives of native fish.  The Council says concrete and cement runoff produces a strong alkaline solution that kills fish and insects. The council says over the last four years there has been a 600 per cent increase in cement-related water pollution, caused by a...

Tyre surcharge for recycling

21 December 2004, Published under Cement News

Scrap tire piles aren’t just unsightly; they’re dangerous, bad for the environment and costly to remove. A proposal from US State House Speaker Rick Johnson could go a long way toward cleaning up the blight they create. Johnson’s last-minute addition to the bill proposed a surcharge of 75 cents on every new tire purchased in Michigan. One-third of the money would have gone toward scrap-tire removal; two-thirds into grants for companies developing alternative uses for the tires. Legislator...

Holcim opens development contest

20 December 2004, Published under Cement News

Architects, engineers, developers and project owners in Asia, including Indonesia, have been invited to take part in a US$2m competition on sustainable development held by a Swiss foundation.   "We are trying to stimulate these creative people to come up with ideas of sustainable construction that are beneficial in terms of the environment, community, economy and culture," contest committee chairman for Indonesia Rusli Setiawan said on Friday.   The event is organized by the Swiss-ba...

Waste site go-ahead

16 December 2004, Published under Cement News

A Landfill site which will take 10,000t of hazardous waste a year has been approved, despite concerns about its impact on neighbours’ health.  The facility, at Castle Cement’s Lanehead Quarry, near Clitheroe, will dispose of 175,000 cubic metres of cement kiln dust (CKD) over the next 23 years. Three trailer loads of waste a day will be transported in covered wagons along private roads within the quarry. Residents in Chatburn, some of whom live just 250metres from the site, fear dust emissi...

Balloons help depict planned cement plant profile

16 December 2004, Published under Cement News

People who saw balloons floating in the air near the City of Hudson Wednesday got a glimpse of how visible St. Lawrence Cement’s controversial cement plant would be if it is built.  Wednesday’s test updated a similar balloon test in April. In August, the company announced plant changes it said would significantly reduce the plant’s visibility. St. Lawrence wants to close its Catskill plant and build one with three times its capacity in the Town of Greenport.  The balloon test was required by...