Andhra Pradesh orders plant closure, India

Andhra Pradesh orders plant closure, India
29 August 2013

The Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) has ordered the closure of India Cements Ltd factory at Yerraguntla for non-compliance of regulatory standards, resulting in the pollution of surrounding areas. It has also initiated action against four other factories in the district citing the same grounds.

The closure order was issued in the interest of protecting public health and environment, in accordance with a decision taken at a hearing conducted by APPCB on 5 August 2013. The ICL factory closure was ordered due to non-compliance with regard to upgrade requirements to its electrostatic precipitators (ESP), failing to meet emissions standard, storing limestone in an open area leading to excessive dust to surrounding areas, incorrect disposal of solid waste and inadequate water sprinkling systems.

Officials have also been investigating the Kadapa district's four other cement plants including another ICL plant (at Chilamakul), Zuari Cements (Yerraguntla), Bharti Cements (Kamalapuram) and Dalmia Cements (Mylavaram). Bharti Cements must provide an automatic water sprinkling system along its roads to minimise dust emissions by 23 September 2013. The APPCB issued warnings to Zuari and Dalmia to conform to regulatory standards.

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