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Blunt talking

17 January 2005, Published under Cement News

Among his first actions as the new chief executive of Missouri, Gov. Matt Blunt took a scalpel to the state’s environmental regulation agency. Blunt fired eight officials at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and promised that others would follow, prompting speculation that the entire agency would be reshaped as part of the governor’s promise to make Missouri more "business-friendly." Blunt has said that he has no plans to eliminate the DNR, but the state of environmental regulati...

Businesses will be socially responsible if it pays

14 January 2005, Published under Cement News

The winner of this year’s Guardian/Ashridge Business School MBA essay competition rejects any suggestion that companies are increasingly socially responsible. Corporate social responsibility may be a company PR manager’s cause du jour; it may even win a few brownie points within the community. But, according to MBA student Nick Tilston, it is simply not taken seriously by most businesses. His award-winning essay is entitled Corporate Social Responsibility Doesn’t Matter - Business Profits...

Taming the Dragon

13 January 2005, Published under Cement News

Dragon Cement Products, located in Thomaston, New England is an important regional employer. Dragon has recently begun reducing its emissions of waste cement kiln dust (CKD) into the local airshed. However, it still has significant problems with fugitive dust, which blows onto surface water and the houses, gardens and, of particular concern, the residents of the area themselves. In addition to the dust, beneath the kiln is a less visible but equally serious problem. The Maine Department of E...

Plume source identified

13 January 2005, Published under Cement News

With six more months to complete research, Lehigh Southwest Cement Plant is confident it will solve a mysterious plume that has plagued the site for the past several months. The six-month extension was unanimously supported by the Kern County Air Pollution District board at a hearing in Tehachapi on 5 January (reports the Tehachapi News). David Whitney, Lehigh Environmental Engineer, requested the extension so the company could complete its research on what is causing a detached plume tha...

Holcim obtains ISO14001 award

12 January 2005, Published under Cement News

Holcim Liban, one of the leading cement companies in Lebanon and operates the largest cement plant of the country, has recently obtained the ISO 14001 international award as an appreciation for its environment management system. Holcim’s annual cement production capacity is 1.8Mt. The plant is located in Chekka and products are distributed to customers all over the country. Holcim (Liban) S.A.L. also operates one aggregates quarry, two ready-mixed concrete plants and employs 318 people.  

National Cement to burn tyres

11 January 2005, Published under Cement News

The Lebec cement plant, California plant has gained permission from regional air regulators to burn old tyres as fuel, in spite of strong protests from local residents. The National Cement Company’s factory had been burning tyres for fuel experimentally for two years. But last month the California Air Resources Board and the state office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessments reviewed and approved the environmental impact report that examined the consequences of making the process perman...

Enviro firm sues HeidelbergCement

10 January 2005, Published under Cement News

A small, Pasadena-based firm is suing HeidelbergCement Group, claiming the company commissioned complex environmental cleanup plans that it never paid for. Heidelberger hired the firm solely to appease environmental regulators, the suit alleges. The civil suit, filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Maryland, seeks $290m in compensatory damages and $1bn in punitive damages. It alleges fraud and breach of contract. Eastern Materials Inc. says it was hired in 1999 to develop plans to remo...

Westbury wins battle but war not over

05 January 2005, Published under Cement News

Campaigners fighting plans to burn toxic waste liquids at a cement works last night pledged to take their battle all the way to the European courts, after they lost their bid to stop the trial.  Lafarge will begin in July a six-month trial of burning recycled liquid fuels, or RLFs, at its Westbury works.  Lafarge won permission for the trial from the Environment Agency despite hostile opposition from environmentalists and local campaigners, who ran a vociferous campaign against the idea ...

Bam - one year after

05 January 2005, Published under Cement News

A year after an earthquake that killed at least 30,000 people in just seconds, and on the surface not much has changed. The mangled remains of a lost city are strewn across this once-fertile desert oasis. Debris, rubble and twisted metal girders are still piled high on every street and down every alley, almost untouched since the earthquake struck on 26 December 2003. Around them are date trees and a few half collapsed buildings stubbornly standing, precariously lopsided. But the devastat...

CO2 trading targets too generous, say environmentalists

05 January 2005, Published under Cement News

The European Union is at the centre of a new row between governments, industry and environmental campaigners over its ambitious new CO 2 emissions trading scheme, which came into effect on January 1. It is designed to help the 25 members meet their commitment to an 8% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2012 under the Kyoto protocol (reports the UK Guardian newspaper). Just before Christmas the European commission announced that, even without the new carbon emissions market, the EU 15 - th...