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Paraguay sees unexpected uptick in demand

19 May 2020, Published under Cement News

Paraguay-based Industria Nacional del Cemento (INC) saw an unexpected surge in demand between 4-8 May 2020 with average sales of 79,755 bags/day as distribution companies collected a backlog of deliveries and bought extra volumes as they anticipated the easing of lockdown measures. INC had to buy 40,000t of imported clinker recently, according to Esmerk Latin American News. In April 2020 sales plummeted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paraguay lifts cement import restrictions

20 November 2019, Published under Cement News

Paraguay’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) said it is lifting restrictions on cement imports following the shortage of the product due to production issues. The Paraguayan market requires a supply of 100,000 bags of cement per day. At present Industria Nacional del Cemento (INC) is able to dispatch only around 54,000 and in the last few days has only been delivering barely 4000 bags, according to ABC Color. Cement is imported from Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Argentina, according...

INC to launch new cement product

30 April 2019, Published under Cement News

Paraguayan state-owned cement producer, Industria Nacional del Cemento (INC) will introduce a new cement product, CP 2-C 40, designed for concrete structures such as bridges and road. The new cement, which brings the company’s product portfolio to four, is expected to arrive on the market in June 2019.

Further silo spill at INC Villeta

04 December 2018, Published under Cement News

A fault in the cement silos at the Villeta plant of Industria National del Cemento (INC), Paraguay, has caused the spill of 250t of cement, rendering the product unusable. A similar spill occurred when a silo was closed, not helping cement supply in the country, which has a cement shortage. Two silos are currently out of use and the remaining two only work partly. Domestic supply will also be reduced when the kiln at Vallemí is shut down for a month for maintenance, with the potential to...

New president for Paraguay’s INC

11 September 2018, Published under Cement News

Javier María Rodríguez Ferrer-Cajigal has been elected as new president of Paraguay’s state-owned Industria Nacional del Cemento. He succeeds César Antonio Bogado Ortiz, who resigned from the role last week.

Paraguay's INC to inaugurate new Villeta mill

02 August 2018, Published under Cement News

Industria Nacional del Cemento (INC) will inaugurate its new US$11.5m cement mill tomorrow, enabling the plant to increase production by 50 per cent, according the cement company. The new 80tph mill has been operational since February, working in parallel with the old mill, which was installed in 1985. Output is expected to rise to 390,000t at Villeta. As a result, the company expects to increase its market share from a current 51 per cent to 70-75 per cent and increase revenues by US$50m.

INC to increase production in March

13 February 2018, Published under Cement News

Paraguay’s Industria Nacional del Cemento (INC) expects to raise output in March by 30 per cent as it commissions its new cement mill. The new mill is currently in the last stage of assembly, said INC President, Jorge Méndez. At present, the cement company produces around 50,000 bags/day.

Paraguay: INC Vallemi sales up 19% in 2017

16 January 2018, Published under Cement News

Paraguayan cement producer Industria Nacional del Cemento (INC) sold 20.06m bags of cement in Vallemi in 2017, representing an 18.5 per cent rise YoY. The increase continues the positive trend experienced in the last few years by the cement company. Sales increased to 1.36m in 2015 from 890,363 bags in 2014.

Vallemi cement distributors concerned about shortages

15 January 2018, Published under Cement News

The association of cement distributors in Vallemi, Paraguay, has expressed its concern over the limited output at Industria Nacional del Cemento (INC)’s plant in Vallemi. Despite an US$67m the plant is reported to be unable to guarantee clinker production and Portland cement deliveries. Operation of the kiln has been intermittent and the company is waiting for foreign specialists to carry out the repairs. INC has said that parts are expected on 12 January with ABB employees to start work ...

Industria Nacional del Cemento sells close to 10m bags in 9M17

10 October 2017, Published under Cement News

Paraguay’s Industria Nacional del Cemento (INC) has sold 9,855,397 bags of cement in the first nine months of 2017, equivalent to 74.6 per cent of the total sold last year (13.2m bags), according to the cement company’s sales department. The growth in sales is attributed to the commissioning of a new cement mill and pozzolan dryer at the Villeta works. INC President, Jorge Méndez, said the company has set an annual sales target of 13.5m bags. Going forward, the company also plans to i...