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Indian cement prices to rise further in December

06 December 2022, Published under Cement News

Cement prices in India are expected to rise by INR10-15/bag (US$0.12-0.18/bag) this month, according to a report by Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd. Since August this year, prices have risen by up to INR16/bag with November alone seeing them advance by INR6-7/bag. While prices remained flat in Western and Central parts of the country, they hardened in Northern, Eastern and Southern regions, reports Business Standard. “Absorption of the price hikes will get revealed over the next few d...

Ethiopia introduces new cement price regulation

19 September 2022, Published under Cement News

Ethiopia has announced a new cement price regulation to tackle the rising cost of cement products in the country. According to the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration, the factory selling price for a quintal (100kg) of cement will now be between ETB510-683.44 (US$9.50-12.74). Cement factories in Ethiopia were initially asked to make price adjustments but the prices suggested were too high, prompting the ministry to establish a task force to study the production process and ...

CEMENCO drops its cement prices

15 September 2022, Published under Cement News

Liberia-based CEMENCO has announced a drop in its cement prices. According to the company, the move is in keeping with recent action by the government of Liberia to adjust petroleum prices in the country. Effective from 13 September 2022, the new prices will be US$7.50 for CEM II/B-M 32.5R, US$8.10 for CEM II/B-M 42.5R, and US$9.50 for CEM II 52.5R. CEMENCO has said that a second price reduction may take place on 1 October this year.  Last week Liberia’s Ministry of Commerce announced a...

Indian cement prices forecast to rise

12 September 2022, Published under Cement News

Cement companies in eastern India are expected to raise their cement prices in mid-September, according to the Financial Express. Other regions across the country are forecast to follow suit in early October as the monsoon season comes to an end and construction activity resumes. Cement producers have already increased prices by INR15-20/bag (US$018-0.25/bag), an uptick of 4-4.5 per cent MoM, in eastern and western India in the early part of September, but a further rise of INR15/bag is pred...

Bangladesh sees imports of raw materials rise

07 September 2022, Published under Cement News

The import of raw materials used in cement production has increased in recent months despite raw material prices increasing. In the July-August 2022 period a total of 5.12Mt of clinker, granulated slag, limestone, gypsum and fly ash were imported. The imports represent a value of BDT23.038bn (US$242.4m), up 34 per cent YoY. Clinker prices have increased 17.5 per cent YoY to US$62.14 on average. To safeguard profit margins cement producers have increased the price per bag on the back of a U...

Cameroon government lowers price of cement

05 September 2022, Published under Cement News

The government of Cameroon has announced a decrease in the price of bagged cement. The drop comes in view of the country’s increasing cement production capacity, according to the Ministry of Commerce. As a result, the price of a bag of 42.5 R-grade cement will fall to XAF4800 (US$7.26) from XAF5100 in Douala and from XAF5400 to XAF5100 in Yaoundé. In terms of 32.5 R-grade cement, in Douala, the price will decrease to XAF4100 from XAF4600 while in Yaoundé the drop will be from XAF4900 to ...

Burundi to allow cement imports

19 August 2022, Published under Cement News

The Burundi government has announced plans to allow the import of cement in a bid to get prices under control. A shortage of cement in the country due to a lack of production capacity has created a black market with prices that have been steadily rising. Buceco Cement has been seeking a review of cement prices since 2021 due to soaring raw materials and transport costs. The company now wants to increase prices by BIF3000 (US$1.46)/bag. According to Farmers Review Africa, the official ce...

Benin government caps cement price

20 June 2022, Published under Cement News

The government of Benin has set a price cap on the price of cement with the new price ceiling dependent on the locality. The price is capped from 17 June 2022 for four months. The government has taken the step “in support of populations faced with soaring prices of consumer products” and during the four-month period the Ministry of Commerce will carry out “strict controls and regular prices.”

Developing central Asia

16 May 2022, Published under Cement News

The central Asian cement markets of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are among the most active accumulators of greenfield plants and expansion projects. Construction and infrastructure projects are on a huge scale and opportunities are emerging for the cement sector to play its part in the development of these countries. By ICR Research, UK. Bordering China, Kazakhstan is seeing large infrastructure projects under impetus of the Belt and Road scheme, while in Uzbekistan infrastructure pro...

Cuba’s government approves retail prices for cement

21 April 2022, Published under Cement News

The Cuban government approved retail prices for white and grey cement  in bulk and 42.5kg bags. Grey cement costs CUP79 (US$3.24)/bag while the price for a tonne of bulk cement is CUP1500. White cement costs CUP183/bag while the price for bulk cement is at CUP4000/t. At present, production by the country's cement plants does not cover domestic demand.