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Graphene may have commercial use as concrete additive

14 September 2018, Published under Cement News

Zenyatta Centures Ltd's research with the University of Toronto into cement strength when using small quantities of graphene from Albany Graphite has led to some startling results. Using just 0.02 per cent of the graphene product when combined with cement saw compressive strength of cured cement paste increase by 39 per cent, reports Junior Mining Network. Professor Deman Panesar, University of Toronto Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering, said, "This encouraging preliminary result ...

University study in Niger locates new raw material deposits

17 November 2017, Published under Cement News

The Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University (IBBU , Lapai, has completed mapping and characterisation of industrial mineral deposits in Nasarawa, Kwara and Niger states. Prof Muhammad Maiturare, vice chancellor at IBBU said the university was commissioned to undertaken the project by the Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC). "The results showed that cosmetic, jewellery, cement, battery, paint, ceramics, pharmaceutical and building materials industries could be developed ...

Oman Cement and Sultan Qaboos University sign research pact

26 July 2017, Published under Cement News

Oman Cement Company and Sultan Qaboos University signed a Research Cooperation Programme agreement on 19 July to pursure a mutual interest in the fields of research and training. The agreement was signed by Dr Rahma Ibrahim Al-Mahrooqi, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies & Research, Sultan Qaboos University, and Salem Abdullah Al-Hajry, Acting CEO, Oman Cement Co. Under the programme, both parties agreed to explore opportunities to potentially collaborate in the areas of ...

HeidelbergCement and RWTH Aachen to research 'CO2MIN'

30 June 2017, Published under Cement News

HeidelbergCement and Aachen University are setting up a three-year project to investigate absorbing CO 2 from flue gas using olivine and basalt. Funded by EUR3m from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), and surpported by supported by the Potsdam Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) and the Dutch start-up Green Minerals, the CO2MIN project aims to turn carbonised minerals into a value-added product. Olivine and basalt are able to bind CO 2 over t...

LafargeHolcim opens Construction Development Lab in Morocco

31 March 2017, Published under Cement News

LafargeHolcim has opened a new Construction Development Lab (CDL) in the Moroccan city of Casablanca. The laboratory, the firm’s eighth, joins those in Algeria, Argentina, China, France, India, Malaysia and Mexico and will specialise in developing construction solutions adapted to the particular needs of the local and wider African markets. The CDL will employ 50 engineers, architects and technicians and will also work to develop partnerships with star-tups and higher education institu...

USA: scientists develop programmable cement

08 December 2016, Published under Cement News

Scientists at Rice University, Texas, USA, have decoded the kinetic properties of cement and developed a way to "program" the microscopic, semi-crystalline particles within. The process turns particles from disordered clumps to organised cubes, spheres and other forms, making the material stronger, less porous and more durable. The Rice lab created cubes and rectangles by adding small amounts of positive or negative ionic surfactants and calcium silicate to C-S-H and exposing the mix t...

Kenya: Savannah Cement, Kenyatta University collaboration

10 June 2016, Published under Cement News

Kenyan cement producer Savannah Cement has signed an agreement with Kenyatta University to collaborate in areas such as innovation, student internships, joint research activities and capacity building. Managing Director of Savannah Cement, Ronald Ndegwa, said the company will provide the necessary support to accelerate Kenyatta University's academic and infrastructure development projects. "With the signing of this partnership with Kenyatta University, Savannah Cement is effectively exten...

Cement to light roads

13 May 2016, Published under Cement News

Dr José Carlos Rubio, researcher at Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo in Morelia, Mexico, has found a creative solution to light streets and highways in the evening without using power: cement. By modifying the fine structure of cement, Dr Rubio has produced a variety that appears to glow in the dark. His cement without crystal flakes can absorb sun-powered energy and radiate it as light during the evening for up to 12 hours, reducing the use of electricity.

Cementos Argos inaugurates Innovation Center, Colombia

27 August 2015, Published under Cement News

Cementos Argos yesterday inaugurated its Innovation Center, based at the EAFIT University, Colombia, underlining the company commitment towards productive, competitive and sustainable growth. The Innovation Center has been designed to foster a collaborative environment, making laboratories available to researchers, students and scholars from different universities to find solutions for the cement and concrete industries in terms of materials, process and applications. “We see innovation...

Argos plans innovation centre, Colombia

01 August 2014, Published under Cement News

Cementos Argos is planning to develop an innovation centre in Colombia, covering an area of 4807m2, at a cost of COP23.70bn (US$12.73m). The centre will be carried out in partnership with the Universidad EAFIT in Medellín, where it will be located. The new facility, which will test new cement and concrete products as part of Argos' innovation drive, is expected to be completed next year.