Graphene may have commercial use as concrete additive

Graphene may have commercial use as concrete additive
14 September 2018

Zenyatta Centures Ltd's research with the University of Toronto into cement strength when using small quantities of graphene from Albany Graphite has led to some startling results.

Using just 0.02 per cent of the graphene product when combined with cement saw compressive strength of cured cement paste increase by 39 per cent, reports Junior Mining Network.

Professor Deman Panesar, University of Toronto Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering, said, "This encouraging preliminary result strengthens the business sense for using graphene in concrete. With such a low graphene loading, Zenyatta may now be able to pursue the ready-mix concrete market."

The graphene materials improved both compressive and flexural strength at three, 14 and 28 days by varying degrees. At the 28-day trial, the inclusion of graphene materials improved strength by 39 per cent for 0.02 per cent graphene and by 84 per cent for 0.04 per cent reduced graphene oxide. The microstructural analysis and transport properties of the 28-day old graphene-cement composites showed the presence of graphene materials densified the composite microstructure.

The research programme, funded by the Government of Canada, will continue to explore graphene-infused cement-based composites.

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