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Bamburi's burning ambitions

03 June 2013, Published under Cement News

The challenges of burning alternative fuels and providing a sustainable future for cement production in East Africa are enormous. However, Bamburi Cement, a Lafarge subsidiary, has been a pioneer in waste tyre burning and kiln firing with biomass. Its high substitution of fossil fuels in both Kenya and Uganda is a mark of how far the company has come, as the East African cement major continually seeks to reduce its environmental impact by finding ways to obtain value from waste. By Susan Mai...

SRF - a class of its own?

27 March 2013, Published under Cement News

Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) is still classified as a waste material, not a product, despite the fact it is manufactured to a quality specification and is a resource from which energy can be recovered. UNTHA UK’s alternative fuel production expert Marcus Brew considers the parameters within which SRF must be manufactured, before investigating the arguments for and against SRF being reclassified as a product or fuel. By Marcus Brew, UNTHA Shredding Technology, UK. The UNTHA shredder: hel...

Successful co-processing

28 February 2013, Published under Cement News

Co-processing of wastes and other low-grade resources in cement kilns offers a partial solution to sustainability issues ranging from resource scarcity via greenhouse gas emission reduction to waste generation. However, co-processing requires a professional approach from the industries involved as well as regulation and monitoring by the authorities to successfully lower the need for fossil fuels and virgin raw materials, and reduce CO2 emissions. In this article, Cementis and Sintef present...

Lafarge Cauldon leads

21 January 2013, Published under Cement News

Close cooperation with its waste-derived fuel (WDF) provider, Sapphire Recovery, has enabled Lafarge’s Cauldon Works to avoid extensive modifications to its precalciner system to successfully incorporate WDFs in its production process. ICR speaks with Andy Woodcock, manager at Lafarge’s Cauldon Works, about the plant’s efforts in the fields of WDF and sustainability. Waste-derived fuels at Lafarge’s Cauldon Works, UK The introduction of WDF at Lafarge’s Cauldon Works included ex...

Lessons in wood burning

09 May 2012, Published under Cement News

Cemex is well known as an innovator in cement manufacture and its expertise in alternative fuel burning is particularly highly regarded. However, substituting some primary fuel with woody biomass in two relatively old kilns is no easy task, although determined staff at Cemex’s Balcones plant are keen to succeed in such challenges. Cemex tells us the story. The Cemex Balcones cement plant utilises two 3600tpd kilns at the New Braunfels site in Texas, USA A successful conversion w...