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Buzzi Unicem

08 December 2014, Published under Cement News

Buzzi Unicem's turnover for the first nine months edged ahead by 0.2 per cent to EUR1898.7m while EBITDA improved by 10.8 per cent to EUR302.5m. The trading profit was ahead by 15.1 per cent to EUR136.1m and net financial charges declined by 38 per cent to EUR50.7m. The contribution from associates increased by 22.6 per cent to EUR36.1m and the pretax profit advanced by 77.3 per cent to EUR121.8m. The tax charge still rose by 63.1 per cent while the minorities charge declined by 36.4 per cen...


08 December 2014, Published under Cement News

Italcementi's turnover declined by 3.1 per cent to EUR3217.5m in the first nine months the year and the running EBITDA eased by 0.6 to EUR469.3m. Very substantially lower re-organisation costs and a 12.1 per cent reduction in depreciation and impairment charges resulted in the trading profit staging a 48.1 per cent recovery to EUR160.9m. The net interest charge rose by 15.7 per cent to EUR100m and there was a larger financial impairment charge, in spite of which, the pretax profit jumped fro...


08 December 2014, Published under Cement News

HeidelbergCement's turnover improved by 2.7 per cent to EUR10,127m in the first nine months of the 2014 and EBITDA was 5.7 per cent ahead at EUR1794m. At the trading level, the profit increased by 10.9 per cent to EUR1241m and after a net interest charge 12.1 per cent higher at EUR463m, an associates’ contribution 14 per cent lower at EUR17m and a lower net exceptional items contribution, the pretax profit declined by 15.3 per cent to EUR803m, giving a net attributable profit 33.5 per cent d...


08 December 2014, Published under Cement News

In the first nine months of the year, Lafarge's turnover, including its share of joint ventures, declined by 1.3 per cent to EUR11,332m while EBITDA edged ahead by 0.5 per cent to EUR2320m. The trading profit improved by 2.8 per cent to EUR1589m, while excluding associates there was a 1.2 per cent reduction to EUR1431m. Net financial charges declined by 6.7 per cent to EUR701m and the pretax profit was three per cent lower at EUR636m. Following a 33.3 per cent higher tax charge, the net attr...


08 December 2014, Published under Cement News

Holcim's turnover for the first nine months declined by 4.7 per cent to CHF14,243m, while in euro terms the reduction was 3.6 per cent to EUR12,136m and in US dollar terms the drop was just 0.9 per cent. On a like-for-like basis there was a 3.4 per cent increase. The Asia-Pacific region generated 36.6 per cent of group turnover, down from 37.5 per cent a year earlier, while Europe represented 29.9 per cent, up from 28.4 per cent. Latin America contributed 15.7 per cent against 17.1 per cent,...

Chile: Cemento Melon sees 310% 9M14 profit surge

28 November 2014, Published under Cement News

Chilean cement producer Cemento Mélon has reported a 310 per cent YoY rise in pretax profits from CLP1.077bn (US$1.79m) to CLP4.855bn in the first nine months of 2014, according to ValorFuturo news service. However, revenues fell by six per cent to CLP142.793bn from CLP151.956bn over the period. Nevertheless, the cost of sales came in at CLP95.1bn, about five per cent lower than the figure recorded for 9M13 (CLP100.6bn).

Peru: Cementos Pacasmayo profits fall 17% in 3Q14

28 October 2014, Published under Cement News

Cementos Pacasmayo reported a YoY drop in net profit of 17 per cent for 3Q14 as cement dispatches fell due to the deceleration in Peru’s economy. In the July-September quarter, the company’s profit fell to PEN40.5m (US$14m) from PEN48.8m in 3Q13. Net sales fell six per cent YoY to PEN316.2m from PEN336.4m in 3Q13. Cost of sales decreased 7.3 per cent to PEN276.2m as did output, which saw a fall of 7.5 per cent to 578,000t. However, in 9M14, Cementos Pacasmayo’s profit reached PEN121.3m,...

3Q14 results: Cemex’ gearing stands at 157%

24 October 2014, Published under Cement News

During the first nine months of the year, Cemex’ turnover increased by 4.6 per cent to US$11,870.9m while the EBITDA was 1.8 per cent higher at US$2037.1m. The trading profit advanced by 24.2 per cent to US$1150.2m and the net interest charge rose by 11.2 per cent to US$1266.6m. The pretax result went from a US$174.3m loss to a profit of US$132.2m. A 7.1 per cent lower tax charge led to a net attributable loss 44.5 per cent lower at US$325.9m. The net debt at the end of September was 1.8 per...

Cemex: Colombia and Panama boost 3Q14 results

23 October 2014, Published under Cement News

Cemex Latam Holdings SA (CLH) reported consolidated net sales of US$1.324bn during 9M14, reflecting a three per cent YoY rise. Net sales experienced a three per rise drop in 3Q14 when compared to 3Q13 as revenues from housing solutions projects were lower. After adjusting for this effect, consolidated net sales rose by five per cent during 9M14 and by six per cent in 3Q14, on a YoY basis. Carlos Jacks, CEO of CLH, said: “During the third quarter we continued to enjoy a favourable demand en...

Saudi Cement posts stable 3Q profit

22 October 2014, Published under Cement News

Saudi Cement reported a modest rise in 3Q net profit from SAR229m (US$61m) to SAR232m in the year-ago period, according to a bourse filing. The company attributed the rise to improved efficiencies although quarterly cement sales fell due to declining domestic demand.