Scanning to keep ahead

Published 30 January 2013

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In most industries, maintaining a high profit level is synonymous with maintaining equipment efficiency and long-term reliability. This is particularly true for cement companies, as any shutdown induces high costs. To increase production rates, reduce operating costs, improve the burning process, and save energy, it pays to give particular attention to the selection of the kiln monitoring system. By Gildas Chauvel, HGH Infrared Systems, France.

Figure 1: the high spatial resolution of HGH’s Kilnscan is necessary for early detection hot spot

Kiln scanners, which continuously monitor kiln shell temperature, have proven to play a key role in the economic performance of the cement production process, even if all their benefits are not always immediately clear. They allow control room operators to put the kiln shell under 24/7 high surveillance and, via the shell thermal map display, visualise when alarm levels on critical parameters such as hot spot detection, tyre slip or coating loss are reached.

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