Steps to a smart factory

Published 22 September 2020

Turkey-based Nuh Çimento has developed a solution for predicting cement strength. The project aims to estimate cement quality as precisely as possible at seven- and 28-day strength with the company’s new algorithm software and by adjusting the complete process accordingly with big data analysis. By Erbil Utku, Nuh Çimento, Turkey.

Converting big data to added value: Nuh Çimento, Turkey, develops its

‘Dayanimci’ algorithm software and the ‘Kaptan’ platform for big data analysis

Nuh Çimento is an open-minded and innovative producer with a clinker and cement capacity of 4.4Mta and 5.7Mta, respectively. Operating since 1969, the company is the fourth-largest cement producer in Turkey and continues to develop a plethora of projects including electric excavators and trucks, MgO suspension and software for big data evaluation entitled ‘Kaptan’ which translates into English as ‘Captain’.

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