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11 December 2018 Dr Michael Clark

Mitigating acid gas emissions

In this month’s Technical Forum, Dr Michael Clark examines acid gas emissions from cement kilns. Understanding harmful acid gas emissions, such as hydrogen chloride, is required before investing in mitigation strategies. Before investing in new raw material quarries, a better understanding of acid gas emissions is required Emissions from cement kilns are a growing focus of environ...

22 October 2018 Dr Michael Clark

Electrical opportunities

In this month’s Technical Forum, Dr Michael Clark examines the importance of a stable and reliable electricity supply. As one of the leading expenses of cement plant operation, it is essential to understand how elect...

12 September 2018 Dr Michael Clark

Benchmarks for the finish line

Following Hans-Jorgen Nielsen’s “Ceramic Strengths” article in ICR’s June issue, Dr Michael Clark examines the potential energy-saving differences between milling systems used for cement finish grinding. Using...

04 July 2018 Dr Michael Clark

2048 predicted

The 30th anniversary of the first publication of International Cement Review (ICR) in July 1988 has arrived. While last month’s Technical Forum considered the major changes in the world cement industry over the past ...

30 years of industry 02 July 2018

30 years of industry

Ahead of ICR celebrating the 30th anniversary of its first publication in July, this month’s Technical Forum reflects on what has changed in the industry over the past 30 years. By Dr Michael Clark, UK. Fallin...

29 May 2018 Dr Michael Clark

Risk management

In this month’s Technical Forum, Dr Michael Clark examines how companies approach risk and the various management techniques that can be used to control it.  Cement companies must guard against complacency wit...

Cemtech Dubai 2018 Technical Workshops 07 February 2018 Dr Michael Clark

Cemtech Dubai 2018 Technical Workshops

As Technical Forum readers are delving into the February 2018 issue of International Cement Review, the annual Cemtech Middle East and Africa conference in Dubai, UAE, will be fast approaching. As is tradition, the i...

24 January 2018 Dr Michael Clark

Cement plant cost profiles

Dr Clark has spent most of the last month developing manufacturing cost profiles for cement factories in different geographies of the world. Such profiles help cement producers and traders alike in finding the right ...

20 November 2017 Dr Michael Clark

Pozzolana is the key

East Africa is enjoying strong cement demand, driven by economic growth and a buoyant construction sector. But, given the high capital cost of establishing a cement plant there, how does a new player gain entry to th...

16 October 2017 Dr Michael Clark

Aspirating the kiln

Last month’s Technical Forum concluded with the following closing comments: “A sufficient supply of oxygen to the kiln is critical. Any limitations on the drawing of oxygen into the kiln or exhausting the gases from ...

14 August 2017 Dr Michael Clark

Benchmarking revisited

Recent years have seen growth in the take-up of benchmarking services provided by Whitehopleman. Some cement plants have participated every year since the service was launched 19 years ago. Benchmarking reports have ...

10 July 2017 Dr Michael Clark

The blending menu

Blended cement is the focus of this month’s Technical Forum, namely the complexities of understanding its classification and labelling under the European EN 197 system. The moderator also takes a look at the reasons ...

19 June 2017 Dr Michael Clark

Capex vs opex

In the last year the moderator has been reviewing numerous existing cement facilities and proposals for new cement plants or production lines. In this process, compromises have to be made between the conflicting obje...

10 April 2017

Vertical roller mill optimisation

Dr Michael Clark returns from Cemtech MEA's workshop with vertical roller mill optimisation becoming a common concern for local cement producers.

27 March 2017 Dr Michael Clark

Impact of alternative fuels

Dr Clark assesses the impact that burning alternative fuels has on kiln productivity and thermal energy efficiency.

14 February 2017 Dr Michael Clark

Kiln emissions – more than just hot air

In last month’s Technical Forum we promised to return to the topic of cement kiln emissions, which were said to be both simple and complex, benign and noxious. The challenge is to see the broad simplicity, which then...