International Cement Review articles tagged under : Tech Forum

08 April 2014 Dr Michael Clark

Vocational qualifications

Dr Michael Clark stresses the importance of vocational training for the cement industry.

03 February 2014 Dr Michael Clark

Dependency: Part 2

The second instalment on the complex dependencies involved in delivering a successful cement project.

03 December 2013 Dr Michael Clark

Roll press metrics

Dr Michael Clark offers an insight into roll press performance in terms of energy consumption.

14 August 2013 Dr Michael Clark

NOx in the mass balance

Dr Michael Clark looks at how NOx emissions fit into the mass balance of a cement kiln.

Making step changes 08 May 2013 Dr Michael Clark

Making step changes

Dr Michael Clark looks at how the precalciner and preheater have developed over the last half-century.

18 March 2013 Dr Michael Clark

Clinker C3S paramount

Michael Clark reports on C3S content and its performance for manufacturing high-quality blended cements.

Gaseous emission control 12 December 2012 Dr Michael Clark

Gaseous emission control

Dr Clark investigates the various methods to control NOx and SOx and looks to future combative techniques.

19 September 2012 Dr Michael Clark

Top-cycle heat recovery

Dr Michael Clark investigates heat recovery and energy flows in semi-wet kilns.

19 September 2012 Dr Michael Clark

Automation for Africa

Michael Clark reviews the case for greater automation for cement plants in Africa.

19 September 2012 Dr Michael Clark

WHR on the rise

Dr Clark assesses the different systems for waste heat recovery and the pros and cons of available options.

19 September 2012 Dr Michael Clark

Balancing volatile behaviour

Dr Clark continues the second part of his article on the effects of using alternative raw materials and fuels.

19 September 2012 Dr Michael Clark

Online analysers

Dr Clark looks at the history of online analysers for gas and mineral analysis.

19 September 2012 Dr Michael Clark

Essential services

Dr Clark investigates the modern day consumption of essential services at cement plants.

05 December 2011

How to burn more secondary fuel

Why is achieving the limits of the substitution rate for secondary fuels not straight forward?

19 September 2012 Dr Michael Clark

Strange things in strange places

Dr Clark investigates the strange occurrence of mineral build-ups in uncommon locations.

19 September 2012 Dr Michael Clark

Rock solid support

A revived interest in quarry chemistry control systems leads Dr Clark to revisit the subject.