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re Kiln Bricks ratio calculation for Lining

Hello, Check attached bricks calculator and fill only the yellow cells. hope it will help you   Regards ...

re vertical Raw Mill operation control

Hello, Check the attached file ... hope it will help you   Regards Nael

re bolder formation

Hello, Do you have thick coating and ring in your kiln? Usually clinker balls initiate and grow behind a thick ...

re change clinker

Hello, What is the problem of mixing imported clinker with your produced clinker! we are feeding our mills with...

re Kiln inlet draft going on higher side, and drop in production by 10%

Hello, What is the type your precalciner? Is it Downdraft calciner? Do you have divertor in cyclone-4? Re...

re bricks calculation

Hello, I hope my new bricks calculator will help you in calculating the numbers & weights of bricks. Attached f...

re Vacuum Truck

Hello mr. Karl A supplier offered a vacuum unit with 6000 m3/h and informed me that 8000 m3/h air flowrate is v...

re Lime stone crusher gap

Hello, The gap between the grinding bath & crusher blowbars (not rotor) measures usually through the inspection...

re bricks calculation

re converting heat value

Hello Abdulla; This converting factor is very important as there are a lot of cement plants using un accurate f...