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Re: Short pass of feed in pre heater

hey; Our plant is  a 2000 tpd kiln with 5 stages preheater and PC, last year we faced exactly the same problem you ...

Re: cement hydration through a microscope

Re: how to estimate the wear rate for Ball mill

Hey; Ball wear can be measured by weighing an entire charge before and after grinding a known tonnage of materia...

Re: high vibration of vertical mill for raw material

Hey, We have the same raw mill but with lower capacity (200tph) ... from your description i beleive that the reaso...

Re: Types of rings

u Sulphur Rings: Sulphur-induced rings are formed when the molal sulfur to alkali ratio in th...

Re: Sulphates of alkali

Dear lalbatros; Do you know that you are the first one attaching something in this forum, i tried alot but i failed...

Re: Preheater Fan Coating Problem


Re: Preheater Fan Coating Problem

Have you read this article?  Solving the Problem of Build-up on Preheater ID Fans   Greater demands for thr...

P.C Coating

hey; Last week we have started our annual shut down for our 2000 tpd kiln (off-line type precalciner with 5 stages...

Replacing ESP with Bag filter

The main ESP in our new line (5000 tpd) is running with very low efficiency especially when the raw mill be stopped....