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re converting heat value

Hello Ted, I was confused with your wrong calculation and right answer (= 9.41) but now I have got it, it is “qb...

re converting heat value

Dear Ted; According to above website: 1 MJ/Nm3 = 25.368 BTU/scf = 238.8 x 102 kcal/Nm3 1MJ/NM3 = 25.368 B...

re kiln upset

Hey; One of the main reasons of high CO at kiln inlet (Low excess O2) is formation of heavy coating or ring ins...

Burner Pipe Orange Coating

Hey, In few months we have faced abnormal phenomena in one of our kilns (3 kilns) burner pipe … after stoppin...

re duda cement book

Hey; I didn't say I have soft copy of Duda book ... Duda book is not the only book for cement industry, there are ...

re duda cement book

Hey, I don't have soft copy of Duda book but recently; I have Uploaded more than 80 files about Cement Industry wh...

re kiln unstable

 Hey; 1- If you have Snowman in the cooler; sure you should stop for removing it otherwise you will face alot...

re Clinker compressive strength

Hey; Do you mean clinker or cement?

re Rhino on burner

Check this.

re Re: Excess O2 & Boulder Formation

Hey Tad; Thank you for your answer, you always have good answers help us in our operation ... But I think litre...