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Re: Mill Damring

gebr.pfeifferag kaiserslautern

Re: Mill Damring

Hey to All; The roller can move from its original position (few centimeters) and can touch the dam ring, several ti...

Re: Mill Damring

Hey; i don't agree  with you mr. Sahu because the main reason of damaging the damring is the mill rollers, when the...

Single & Double preheater

Hey; All of us know that there is a single preheater kiln and double preheater kiln, If by the new technology we ca...

Pressure drop

Hey;  What i know is that pressure drop in the preheater should not be more than 40 mbar (from top to down) and the...


Dear All, I want to know which type of Reclaimer will give us best blending efficiency? Regards.

Re: Clinker High Liter Weight and High Free Lime

Hey... Let me repeat what i think mr. mb14 want to ask, " We are producing clinker with very high liter weight (140...

Volatility & Volatilization

Can anyone help me in undestanding the different between Volatility and Volatilization of component? how it can help...

Raw mill outlet duct wear rate

 Hey; I would like to know some information about the wear out in duct, which I have raw mill balling mill swept...

Re: Preheater fan coating farmation

Dear YRK; We are facing this problem from time to time and we know that the reason of this coating has close relati...