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re Kiln by pass

Thanks, Raj Sahu. Regards Tam 

re Kiln by pass

Dear Raj Sahu Thank you for your comments! We don't have a separate dedusting system for by pass, the by pas...

re Kiln by pass

Dear Raj Sahu The by pass gas is round 5-10% kiln by pass. Normal operating ~ 5%. We got the problem since wast...

Kiln by pass

Dear All In our plant, we have some problem with the kiln by pass gas and by pass dust. The by pass gas is extr...

re Cooler ESP high dust emission

Hello Ahmed Some info as your comments: 1. Cooler vent temp enter the heat exchanger is around 320-330oC, ou...

Cooler ESP high dust emission

Dear All We are facing a problem with our cooler ESP. Since waste heat recovery installed, the temperature of c...

re SO2 emission control

Dear Mr.Krapkat, Thank you for your sharing. Regards, Tam

SO2 emission control

Dear All Recently, the SO2 emission in our kiln was quite high even in direct or compound mode. Can you please ...

Gas Analyzer device

Dear all I'd like to know what is the best model for gas analyzer to analyse kiln gas (O2, CO, NOx, SO2...)? We...

Control loop for cement mill VRM

Hi all Can you please share with me the logic control of VRM. What factor should be included in the PID control l...