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clinker resident time

hello how to calculate resident time of clinker on a grate cooler?

re Re: Ring Formation

Hello! can you send this technique to me please. thanks my e-mail: jojocob@hotmail.com


In which book can i find material for alkalis and SO3? thnx


Dear Mr Clark. i know what ASR means, i have studied this a little but i want to make a more specific studie and i ...


Hello Anybody can help me wirh the name of any book for studding circulating phenomena (ASR). thanks


Hi there I have a questin for the flame. How the secondary air effect the flame? How can i see in my kiln, if the...

Kiln hood pressure

Hello everybody. What is the difference if I operate the kiln with kiln hood pressure -0.2 mbar and -0.5 mbar?

Re: Heat Balance

Can you send thhe calculations to me? joni.a18@gmail.com thanks. bye

Re: Snowmen

hello first i thing u must keep the bed of material at the first grate higher, this will help and the temp of secon...

Re: Kiln Speed

hi in fact it is better to operate the kiln in high speed, but be sure that there is enought temp for the procces a...