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re Cement Mill Puffing

Cement mill Puffing   High false air across mill--indicate by mill out let pressure with respect to mill inlet pre...

re Single fan vs two fan system in VRM for cement grinding

Dear clear your two fan system  Gks

re Re: Material and Heat Balance for Clinkering

My mail id - girish_1966@yahoo,in    Pl clear me  heat & mass balance for alernative fuel used in  kiln for TSR...

re feeding of tyre dust

Thanking you sahu ji       GKS

re TSR % in kiln from 4.5 % to 10.%

Thanking you ,       Girish

feeding of tyre dust

Dear expert,          I am facing mixing problem in silo after mixing of tyre dust with fine coal (Bituminus im...

re Problem of sway in belt bucket elevator

Dear,     1.  Tripping of Kiln feed B/E by 50 mm belt out on same side from  top & bottom or only bottom side. ...

re TSR % in kiln from 4.5 % to 10.%

Thermal substitution rate -TSR %- Amount of  thermal energy replaced by using of AF  to  coal consumption  for sp....

TSR % in kiln from 4.5 % to 10.%

Dear expert  I want increase  TSR in  kiln by installation of new duct between TA duct & cooler exhaust duct (E...

Coal mill bag filter DP high & chocking problem

Dear expert       I am facing problem of coal mill bag filter DP high & bag damage problem after using tyre dus...