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re Electrostatic neutralisation of cement

Dear,     what is indication that show  cement have electrostatic charge at time of grinding. Any way to measur...


Dear Sir,    How to calculate material retention time in calciner.        Normaly we calculate gas retention...

re calculation of flame momentum of a multi channel burner

Dear friends,    Use attached flame momentum calculation sheet. & give feed back on girish_1966@yahoo.in  Gk...

re Dam ring

Damring height in  VRM depends on retention time of material on tabe. which is indicate by  mill vibration and acc...

re burner pipe adjustment

Dear    Flame lenght will not change.But effect on its intensity(increase)and shape will change.   GKS

re limit of free lime in clinker

Dear  sir Ted,                But  i want clear for portland limestone cement.               Any difference ...

limit of free lime in clinker

Dear expert,                 What is limit factor for free lime in clinker  for producing portland limestone ce...

re Lime stone crusher gap

Dear sir Nael       But my point to control over size same time when happen. Not to be wait for weekly maintena...

re Bricks

Dear Pl clear safety zone ( or it is burning zone ). If it is burning zone you can use .  GKS

re bricks calculation

Dear    ISO shape total number brick per ring = 3.14* D(Kiln inside dia.)/ 103  VDZ shape total number brick...