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TimePosted 26/09/2009 09:36:37
xxxx says

kiln refractory lining

Dear Sir

can we do kiln lining in one span if we have sufficient number of jacks for the entire kiln length?

if not than why?

actually it will save time of fixing key bricks & number of key bricks also.

what is the advantage & disadvantage

please do clearify?




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TimePosted 26/09/2009 14:35:03
Vikpro says

Re: kiln refractory lining

Mr. Rajesh,

You can, but you need extra ( external ) power to rotate the kiln and and vary powerful breaks to hold unbalanced kiln. ( suicidal for brick layers ). As per my experience it's impossible.

I will wait for others comments.



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TimePosted 27/09/2009 04:34:09

Re: kiln refractory lining

Hi, Rajesh,

In the long run, a brick lining machine may help you do this job. my Personal idea.


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TimePosted 28/09/2009 08:58:07

Re: kiln refractory lining


     The plant i work was lining bricks with the jacks method in the early days and till now we use jacks  in emergency cases. The max jacks we used was  5-6 jacks to line 5-6 mtr of length(Max) with a kiln dia of 4.2 mtr .The main reason we did not extend further up was the safety aspect and to have a flawless lining which in otherwords  called a tight brick lining.Because its very difficult to have a perfect lining in older kilns that has aged and having uneven surfaces.So any loose lining will result in collapse of the lining that result in loss of life ,damage of bricks etc.etc.Brick lining needs very much attention at the time of lining and tightening of jacks also requires care because any excess tightening will result in crushing of bricks which cannot be seen from the outside and sometimes even deformation of the shell which finally results in loosening of bricks.Sometimes jacks were found bending due to excess tightening.The position of jacks will be on top of you as you come to the final position of keying where there is chances of jacks getting slippery.So in order to avoid all these its advisable to go safe and line smaller distance  while using jacks.The other thing is that I feel its more difficult to transport bricks and other material when you have a long length of jacks.