technical cement forms

technical cement forms
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re High chloride in hot meal

Can you pl explain how lime stone boulder adding will break the cl2 cycle??

re Raw mix design

unfortunately there is no attachment

re coal ash effect on kiln operation.

Thanks a lot Mr gks for the information.

coal ash effect on kiln operation.

we are using gas as the main fuel and since they could not supply all the gas for our requirement we are compensat...

re Trainer / Visiting Faculty Pyro process Optimization

Unfortunately no attachments sir.

re using alternate fuel

Thanks ANM.  Instead of double gates we have rotary air lock installed . Still we face lot of fluctuations i...

using alternate fuel

Sir,  We are using alternate fuel such as tyre chips wood chips manually in the calciner and we are facing lot ...

re sulphure ring in kiln 14 to 22 meter

Dear Mr Raju,            Are you still  with this problem or Have you overcome it and if so what measure you to...

re Sticky Material

Can you tell us what was the findings. Beccause we are also facing same poblems of stick material sometimes

re Clinker grindability

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