technical cement forms

technical cement forms
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Re: kiln dai

Sir,     Polysious kilns have different diameter at different areas.....Our 8000tpd polysious kiln has the first 4....


Dear Mr Shafi Ahmed,   I am also interested. Can you send me...My e-mail address is

Re: how to estimate the wear rate for Ball mill

Thanks Mr ILA,                    You Rightly pointed out .This forum is just to disseminate their experi...

Re: Liquid calculation formulae @ 1450 deg C temperature

Dear Mr Rajiv,                    From what you wrote its difficult to understand about your main Burner setup.You ...

Re: Microscopic Reading of Clinker

I am also interested in reading that book.Can you send to me also?/my id is

Re: brown core in clinker

Sir,     How to check whether the clinker made is of Fe+2 or Fe+3.?We  noticed that in kiln operation when we have ...

Re: Ring Formation

Thanks all for the reply.I also agree to what Mr Bhaskar has said "Easy to express but challenging to practise with ...

Re: Ring Formation

Dear Mr Bhaskar,                          My plant also gets disturbed all of a sudden without any visible changes ...

Re: Flux

Thanks all for the valuable information.As you said we faced the same  above problems in kiln operation . Mohan.M

Re: Preheater temperature.

Sir,   Pl also check the flap movements of this cyclones.Also when was the last time you checked the coating th...