technical cement forms

technical cement forms
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stage 3 cyclone coating

Sir, Can some one explain why like this?? Ours is a 4000 t/d double stream 4 stage preheater , ILC kiln with...

partition wall in cooler

Of what advantage is the presence of partition wall in cooler located between the 1st and 2 cooler truck..We notic...

re Kiln inlet spillage

Yeah I would say..Its on one fine day....For some reasons(unknown) there takes place heavy leakage and for that we...

Kiln inlet spillage

We are facing the problem of kiln inlet hot material leakage.So far  we could not traceout the reason for such hea...

Re: Vikpro

Dear Silastman,       Can i get the english version of it.?? Mohan.M

Re: snow man

Snowman  formation in cooler is quite a burden where ever we have these stationery grates for whatever obvious reaso...

Re: kiln dai

Sir,     Polysious kilns have different diameter at different areas.....Our 8000tpd polysious kiln has the first 4....


Dear Mr Shafi Ahmed,   I am also interested. Can you send me...My e-mail address is

Re: how to estimate the wear rate for Ball mill

Thanks Mr ILA,                    You Rightly pointed out .This forum is just to disseminate their experi...

Re: Liquid calculation formulae @ 1450 deg C temperature

Dear Mr Rajiv,                    From what you wrote its difficult to understand about your main Burner setup.You ...