technical cement forms

technical cement forms
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Re: Microscopic Reading of Clinker

I am also interested in reading that book.Can you send to me also?/my id is

Re: brown core in clinker

Sir,     How to check whether the clinker made is of Fe+2 or Fe+3.?We  noticed that in kiln operation when we have ...

Re: Ring Formation

Thanks all for the reply.I also agree to what Mr Bhaskar has said "Easy to express but challenging to practise with ...

Re: Ring Formation

Dear Mr Bhaskar,                          My plant also gets disturbed all of a sudden without any visible changes ...

Re: Flux

Thanks all for the valuable information.As you said we faced the same  above problems in kiln operation . Mohan.M

Re: Preheater temperature.

Sir,   Pl also check the flap movements of this cyclones.Also when was the last time you checked the coating th...

Re: Preheater temperature.

Sir,    In addition to What Dr Michael Clark  said, Have you checked the alkali and sulphur concentration from the ...


Sir, We are using Bauxite and Iron ore as flux for type 1 clinker.Now that bauxite is costing more when compare...

Re: Ring Formation

I also stand to  what Mr Jatin says , that there is no sure technic that breaks balls in kilns. Mohan.m


To Mr Electron1539,                           Send me also the details of kiln coating.My mail mohan_552002@yahoo.c...