technical cement forms

technical cement forms
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re sulphure ring in kiln 14 to 22 meter

interested to read your query.. for  my knoledge can you explain and how to derive sulpur from raw meal , so3 in r...

re Copper slag

Re putting the same question to hear from experts.

Copper slag

My question is has any body using  copper slag as a substitute for Iron ore . If so at what percentage they are us...

re Re: Kiln Inlet Coating

From the above details what was the conclusion Means where was the problem for this massive build up. is it in the...

re Stack emission.

Sir,     Both are Stack emission results. Kiln 1 is 4000 t UBE japan Plant with multichanel Pillard burners wit...

re sulphur effect

Thanks for the valuable informations

re Boulder formation.

Sir,      The boulder was taken out and broken to Big Pieces. It was kept aside and as it started cooling it al...

Boulder formation.

Sir,     By looking at the Boulder in Physical and chemical form is it possible to make out whether the boulder...

Stack emission.

Sir,     We checked Kiln stack gas emission and got the following results. Kiln no 1     So2 :  0.52 mg/m3. ...


Just curious to know what happens if HT fans such as Preheater fan or cooler fans made to run in the opposite dire...