technical cement forms

technical cement forms
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Re: Higher alkalies

Dear Sir,          Our 4000t/d Plant is a in line calciner kiln using about 90% coal and 10 %gas.We use...

Low Pressure Drop Cyclones

What is low pressure drop cyclones and why is it called ?as you find mostly drafts (Negative Pr )in cyclones and not ...

Re: Kiln Torque

What is the difference between Kiln torque and Kiln kw as some plants run their kiln by following the kiln kw and som...

Kiln operation suggestion.

We are a 7200 tpd kiln with coal as the main fuel and sometimes use about 5-10 % natural gas depending on the availab...

flame optimisation

Dear sir,           How to check whether the flame is optimised properly.I normally adjust the flame by adjusting t...