technical cement forms

technical cement forms
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re Re: Detached Plume from Kiln Stack

Sir,     My plant also facing the problem of  orange Plume from kiln stack during Raw mill ( VRM ) down time.  ...

re Coating on Nose ring

Sir,    We are keeping a 1st grate undergrate pressure of 450--480 mmAq. Any thing more than this the grate spe...

re Coating on Nose ring

Thanks Mr Ted For the valuable information. The reason for keeping high kiln torque/ temp is to avoid high f...

Coating on Nose ring

Sir,    I am frequently now a days facing the problem of abnormal heavy coating formation (About 300-350 mm thi...

re bricks calculation


re bricks calculation

Sir, Send me also the Excel sheet.My Id is Mohan.M

re ring in kiln

Thank you for the PDF file. Mohan.M

re Re: Material and Heat Balance for Clinkering

Sir,  Pl send me also.

re stage 3 cyclone coating

Sir,   As such theres no co formation at the kiln inlet. we are keeping kiln inlet O2  of 4-5 % mainly to avoid...

re stage 3 cyclone coating

Sir,  Here is the alkali dust result and hot rawmeal result taken today. Hot rawmeal chloride % 0.7531   ...