technical cement forms

technical cement forms
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Raw mix.Design

My kiln Feed HM SM  IM and LSF is 2.19 , 2.37 1.45 and 97.1 and in clinker  Im getting 2.12, 2.46 1.47 and 93.5 %....

re Coal Stock.

Thank you Mr Ted For the information. Mohan.M

re Coal Stock.

Sir,    For bulk density we took sample from different places but then in  loose form . Other than the bulk den...

Coal Stock.

Sir,    Now that the end of this year nearby when the coal stock was checked by the surveyor there always seems...

re Re: Detached Plume from Kiln Stack

Sir,   Kiln stack NOX is 742.66mg /m3. Can you explain in what way it leads to orange plume?

re Re: Detached Plume from Kiln Stack

Sir,     My plant also facing the problem of  orange Plume from kiln stack during Raw mill ( VRM ) down time.  ...

re Coating on Nose ring

Sir,    We are keeping a 1st grate undergrate pressure of 450--480 mmAq. Any thing more than this the grate spe...

re Coating on Nose ring

Thanks Mr Ted For the valuable information. The reason for keeping high kiln torque/ temp is to avoid high f...

Coating on Nose ring

Sir,    I am frequently now a days facing the problem of abnormal heavy coating formation (About 300-350 mm thi...

re bricks calculation