technical cement forms

technical cement forms
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Re: Ring Formation

Hey, Like Mr Raj, i am also interested in the technique you adopt in removing the boulders when kiln is in ope...

Re: Breaking News: Explosion in Cement Plant

Thank you very much for giving this valuable but unfortunate information about the accident that took place in your p...

Re: MgO in raw mix

Sir,  Can you tell me what is slabbing??How and where it forms??Is it the same what we call coating?? Regards...

Re: kiln refractory lining

Sir,      The plant i work was lining bricks with the jacks method in the early days and till now we use jacks  in ...

Alkali Dust.

We, in our 7200t /day  plant, have Alkali bypass system wherein we extract about an average of about 24t of alkali po...

Re: kiln feed SO3

wilfredzieri: the max. SO3 level has to be seen with several other indicators preheater kiln: alkali/sulfur...


I am also interested about the formula.Pl send me to my e-mail address as well.Thank you.

Re: Coating formation in Kiln Inlet

Sir,  We noticed very high sulphur content (About 3-4) % and kiln was disturbing .The increase in sulphur %  was wi...

Re: Waste heat recovery system

I also do not understand what guddus want to communicate.

sulphur effect

Dear Sir,          Our 4000t/d Plant is a in line calciner kiln using about 90% coal and 10 %gas.We use...