Two Nepalese factories prepare to start production

Two Nepalese factories prepare to start production
20 December 2011

Two large cement factories based in Dudhrash and Gogli of Dang, Nepal, are preparing to commence productions in two months, according to local press reports. 

Basu Pandey, director of Sonapur Cement Factory in Dudhrash, said construction works have almost been completed. "Some technical works are remaining and we hope to finish that within a month," Pandey said, adding that the company will begin test-production in 10-15 days. "We will be able to launch the product in the market within two months," he noted.

According to Pandey, Sonapur Cement Factory targets to produce around 700tpd. The industry claims that it will reduce total cement import from India by 10 per cent. 

Sonapur Cement Factory is launching its products under the brand of ´Sona Cement´. It will manufacture OPC Type 43 and 53 grades and Portland Pozzolana cement. 

Similarly, the other factory, which will brand its products as Ghorahi Cement, is also preparing to bring its products in the market within two months. Bikash Sharma, factory coordinator of Ghorahi Cements, said: "Test production will begin from February and the final production will start from March."

At present, Nepal imports cement worth around INR90bn from India every year. 

"Imports will definitely come down as we will be offering quality products at competitive prices," Pandey said.

Both the factories will use limestone from local mines of Dang and surrounding districts.

Ghorahi Cement Factory is targeting to produce 1200tpd. Located in Laxmi VDC of Dang, it plans to double its production in the future. 

"We will double our production to 2400tpd in a year’s time," Sharma said, adding that Ghorahi Cement Factory will be the largest cement factory in the country. It will source limestone from mines in Kavre district.
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