Algae.Tec launches its first biofuels facility with Holcim Lanka

Algae.Tec launches its first biofuels facility with Holcim Lanka
01 December 2011

Algae.Tec has signed a collaboration agreement with Holcim Lanka Limited to build its first algae biofuels production facility in Asia that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cement manufacturing. Algae.Tec is an advanced algae to biofuels company with a high-yield enclosed algae growth and harvesting system designed to capture carbon from carbon emitting companies and industries.

Holcim Lanka has agreed to build the facility in Sri Lanka in conjunction with Alga.Tec as its technology is inline with Holcim’s desire to be environmentally sustainable. Algae.Tec’s technology attracted Holcim as it provides a way of reducing the company’s carbon footprint by channelling waste carbon dioxide into the algae growth system. This in turn generates valuable biofuel at below market cost.

Initially, the biofuels production facility will comprise a production plant of five photo-bioreactor modules, enabling Holcim to evaluate the benefits of capturing more of the waste carbon dioxide in a much larger facility. This first step could lead to the roll out of further modules at other sites.

Stefan Huber, Holcim Lanka CEO, said "the Algae.Tec facility is designed to reduce the cement manufacturing carbon dioxide emissions with an off-take into the algae growth system. "We look forward to working with Algae.Tec on this exciting development that is aligned with our focus on sustainability and a commitment to the environment."
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