Cuban government lowers cement prices

Cuban government lowers cement prices
22 August 2011

Pilar Fernandez Gonzalez-Pardo, head of MINCIN’s Non-Food Retail Sale Group has told local press that building materials will be sold in every municipality of the country in an effort to foster housing building and repair.

Housing is one of the most critical problems in Cuba at present, since building materials were barely available due to limitations posed by Washington’s economic blockade to the island. Higher quality cement was available for general costumers in Cuban Convertible Peso retail stores at CUC$6.60/42.5kg bag; while those who had a special permit to build a new house received the materials at highly subsidised prices.

Under the new offer, bulk cement will be sold at $2.10 pesos/kg, and it will only be available in warehouses that meet the storage requirements, since the product can not be exposed to humidity; while bagged cement’s price was set at $112 pesos (around $4.50)
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