ACC launches eco-friendly cement

ACC launches eco-friendly cement
01 August 2011

ACC Ltd on Saturday launched Concrete +, its eco-friendly cement, targeting the requirements of individual home builders. Concrete + is produced by grinding OPC 53 grade, which is known for adding strength to structures and processed fly ash, said PN Iyer, Director (sales-south) of ACC Ltd, at a press conference.

“Fly ash, a hazardous industrial waste is also used in the making and this helps in conserving natural resources. All in all, it is an eco-friendly product,” said Mr Iyer.

Priced at INR300 per 50kg-bag, the cement is already launched in Bangalore and Nagpur.

Specifically formulated for concreting, this product is aimed at individual home builders and the company is offering free service to its customers in terms of building cost estimation, training on good construction practices, testing of ingredients at site etc.

Every time a customer purchases 50 bags, 100 bags or 200 bags from the retailers or dealers, the company would be extending free service by sending a team of experts to check the quality at different stages of construction, slab supervision etc, said Rajiv Kumar, Director (Sales-West). The company targets individual home builders since they need support and service.

Majority of the sales were generated through individual home builders and every month about 60,000t of cement is sold in the city. There are 178 retailers and 23 dealers in the city, he added.
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