Mexico sees modest rise in cement prices

Mexico sees modest rise in cement prices
16 May 2011

The producer price index for April, published by INEGI last week, reported an increase of 0.4% in the price of cement in Mexico. Cemex, Apasco, Cruz Azul and Montezuma have raised their prices between 1-4% per month so far this year.

According to analysts at brokerage Acciones y Valores-Banamex, Cemex is asking for MXN113.23/bag (US$9.6), Apasco MXN108.56, Cruz Azul MXN103.60 and Montezuma at MXN105.83.  May saw an average increase of 0.2% per year, leaving average retail prices in Mexico at around MXN114 per bag.

In terms of regional variations, Aguascalientes and Monterrey saw the price for cement drop by around 2% and Merida by 1%. However, in Guadalajara and Mexico City, buyers had to pay around 1% more for a bag than they would have the previous month. In Tijuana and Chihuahua, the price for a bag of cement rose by about 2%.

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