Lafarge to launch the UK’s lowest embodied carbon cement

Lafarge to launch the UK’s lowest embodied carbon cement
24 February 2011

Lafarge Cement has launched the UK’s lowest embodied carbon cement, Cemergi, in the latest in a series of investments.

The launch of Cemergi comes as part of Lafarge Cement’s drive to support the construction industry in its use of more sustainable products, providing cost-effective solutions that respond to demand for more sustainable building materials. As a CEM III/A bulk blastfurnace cement, Cemergi is manufactured using traditional Portland cement combined with a minimum of 50% ground blastfurnace slag, which is a by-product of the iron and steel industry. The addition of blastfurnace slag brings the dual benefits of enhanced sustainability and improved performance.

Bill Price, National Commercial Technical Manager for Lafarge Cement, explains: “In recent years we have developed composite CEM II cements that offer lower embodied energy and a smaller carbon footprint than traditional CEMI Portland cements. However, the development of our latest CEM III cement is an exciting step forward because the embodied carbon in Cemergi is less than 55% of that in Portland cement and significantly lower than our existing CEM II products. With less carbon dioxide emitted during production, Cemergi is now the most sustainable bulk cement available in the UK.”

Cemergi can be substituted for traditional Portland cement in most applications and it provides improved long-term performance as well as helping its customers to demonstrate their green credentials. The addition of blastfurnace slag improves the workability of Cemergi, lightens its colour and provides enhanced resistance to sulphate attack and chloride-related corrosion.

Cemergi is manufactured in two locations in the south of England at Lafarge’s Theale and West Thurrock manufacturing plants.
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